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The pictures below represent a few of the designs I have created and/or beaded. If you are interested in something that is not shown, please contact me. With the help of Spirit, I am confident that I can create almost anything. For more details on the bags below, click on the link under the individual Dream Spirit Bag. Currently there is this page, plus two more of Dream Spirit bag images.

Each bag comes with a story that I write with the help of Spirit. The story of the bag comes to me in a trance, the same way the beading designs come to me. Click here for a sample story.

Note: Available means I currently have the bag and it is ready to ship today. Sold means that I have sold this particular bag and I will gladly bead you another.

Pages2 or 3.

Yellow Rose - sold

Hummingbird & Rose - sold


Bear - sold


Great Horned Owl - sold

Tiger Swallow Tail - sold


Hawk-Moon - sold
Barn Owl - sold
Pegasus - sold
Mermaid - sold

Raven - sold


Eagle - sold Cave Bison - sold

To view more Dream Spirit bags, see pages 2 and 3.