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About Pricing . . .

The 2 1/4-inch tall X 1 3/4-inch wide Dream Spirit bags are priced at $450.00. The 3 1/8-inch tall X 2 1/2-inch wide bags are $500.00. If you are interested in a flap closure on either of these, please add another $50.00

The larger 3 1/2 tall X 3 1/8-inch wide is $600.00 and I don't recommend a flap closure. The opening of the bag is so wide that the extra weight of the flap would make the bag hang "funny", and distort the image.

A 6 1/2-inch bracelet is priced at $400.00. These are approximately 1 1/4-inches wide. For longer bracelets the prices increase, so it is best to contact me.

Inspiration Spirit bags are priced at $500.00. These are approximately 3 1/4-inches tall X 2 3/8-inches wide, but they vary, depending on the size of the cabochon or focal bead.

Beaded leather bags depend on the leather used, the size of the bag, and the size of the beaded piece. These bags are mainly done on special order only.

There is a $15.00 to $20.00 shipping fee for postage and insurance.

I ask initially for $100.00 deposit with the placement of your order, and the rest is due before I send out your Dream Spirit bag. I will call you a couple of days before I am ready to ship it out, to make sure I am sending it to the correct address. And I ask that you call or e-mail me upon receipt of your order. I want to know that it arrived safely, and I want to hear your feed back. I wish I could deliver these in person, so I could see the look on your face as you open the package, and meet your Dream Spirit bag for the first time. If there are problems with the bag that I can't solve, I will take it back and refund your money within the first 30 days after you recieve it.

At this time I do not accept credit cards (look for that in the future). I accept personal checks or money orders.

Once you place an order, my goal is to ship it to you within four weeks. However, it make take me longer to complete it, depending on my back log. I will give you an time estimate when I recieve your order.

To Order. . .

For bags that are currently available on my web site, please send me an e-mail, with the name of the bag, and I will contact you. For Inspiration Spirit bags that you want designed, please send me an email. The easiest way to order a Dream Spirit bag of your design is to also send me an e-mail. Click here to do that.

However, you can also send me this information for a Dream Spirit bag order:

  1. full name
  2. mailing address
  3. city, state and zip code
  4. phone number and times of day I can reach you
  5. e-mail address
  6. design on your Dream Spirit bag
  7. primary colors, if you have a preference
  8. length of the necklace (in inches) to the top of thebag
  9. size of bag, if preference, otherwise I default to the $450.00 size

Please make your $100.00 deposite check out to: Shilo M. Satran and mail to:

Dream Weavings, PO Box 740605, Arvada, CO 80006-0605

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