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The pictures below represent a few of the designs I have created and beaded. If you are interested in something that is not shown, please contact me. With the help of Spirit, I am confident that I can create almost anything. For more details on the bags below, click on the picture or the link under the individual Inspiration Spirit Bag.


Earth Elemental -available

Dreamtime Grandmother- available Overseer of the Garden- available Shield of Treenwold- available
Sea Star - available Bird Woman- available Snowflake - available Pool of Self Reflection - available
Initiate - available
Rose of Creation - available    
The Goddess - sold
Balance - sold
Lust of Creation - sold

Goddess of the Sea - sold

Heart Stone - sold
Eye of God - sold
Mirror- sold
Stewardship - sold

Moonlight - sold

Purple Fire - sold
Land of the Fae - sold
Eastern Dragon - sold
Earth and Sky Goddess- sold
Coke Bottle Dreams- sold
Spiral Vessel - sold
Black Coral - sold
Earth Goddess - sold
Coral Cartography - sold
Seaweed and Shells - sold