Shamans Dream

Welcome, Dear Traveler, – to this web site dedicated to spiritual growth for the well being of the both the Sacred Traveler and Mother Earth. I offer coaching (healing) sessions, flower essences and shamanic workshops.

I traveled to Swaziland, South Africa for the month of August in 2005. I trained with a Traditional Healer, PH Mntshali. I started a weblog while I was gone and have continued to post to it. If you are interested in reading my blog, click here.

I wish you blessings and joy as you travel along your journey.


Mothers of Life,

you bless the Earth that gives us food, shelter, clothing and tools for our work and play, and that provides the many paths that lead us through life, Forgive.

Mothers of Life,

you bring water from the sky and from deep in the Earth to cleanse and refresh us and keep us moist and living, Forgive.

Mothers of Life,

you give us days when the air is crisp and sweet-scented, and days when it is heavy with dew and the dampness of decay, Forgive.

Mothers of Life,

you nurture us in the long bright days of summer and in the rich darkness of night and winter, you teach us the mysteries of the moon and stars, Forgive.

This is a Celtic prayer to the divine beings or helping spirits. It appears in Tom Cowan’s book, Yearning for the Wind, on page 41-42

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