Shilo has worked with the Perelandra flower essences for herself and her family since 1998. Over time, she noticed that her children didn't miss as many days from school as their friends, and she, herself hadn't had a cold in years. The only thing the family was doing differently was working with the flower essences. Shilo expanded to working with Flower essences with clients in 2002 and has noticed the same resutls for her clients. Shilo relies on her spirit allies to build individual formulas for whom ever she works with. If she is working with a client infront of her, Shilo uses kinesiology, or muscle testing, to verify the correct essences. If she is working long distance, Shilo has her spirit allies work with the client's elecrtical body, remembering that she does not work on anyone without their permission.

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The best write up Shilo has come across on what flower essences, is from Machaelle Small Wright, in her book, Flower Essences (pages 3-5). Machaelle is the founder of Perelandra, and the maker (with the help of the Nature Spirits) of the Perelandra flower essences.

What are flower essences? Flower essences are liquid, pattern-infused solutions made from individual plant flowers, each containing a specific imprint that responds in a balancing, repairing, and rebuilding manner to imbalances in humans on their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual or universal levels.
How does this link in with the human body? We humans borrow from the three kingdoms in nature what is needed for an appropriate physical form. It stands to reason. Everything that is of form on Earth is derived from nature. We draw from the animal kingdom for our physical form and from the mineral kingdom for the building and stabilizing process in our cells. And for our central nervous system, we draw from the plant kingdom. Because of their close relationship, the central nervous system responds easily and favorably to input from the plant kingdom. Hence the wisdom of making healing and balancing patterns available to us through plants. It’s like a direct telephone linkup. From one direction you have the direct link with healing and balancing patterns as a result of the plant/central nervous system relationship. And from the other direction, because the disorder and dysfunction we experience first impact our bodies within the central nervous system, you have the early warning system. The two – the easy accessibility to the healing patterns held within plants and the early warning when the body dysfunctions – meet right at the central nervous system.
One result of disorder and dysfunction is that the corresponding electrical circuitry along the spinal column breaks, short-circuits. If nothing is done to rectify the situation, the related network of nerves receives weakened electrical impulses rather than the usual strong impulses. These weakened impulses travel through the nerves to their related areas of the body, especially the endocrine system. Immediately, there is physical weakness in that area which, if not addressed, results in illness or disease.
Another result causes what can best be described as "system overload." Disorder and dysfunction impact the central nervous system along the spinal column, causing the electrical circuitry to unbalance in such a way that the normal flow of electrical impulses dramatically increases. If the overload is not addressed, the body will physically respond with symptoms such as hyperactivity and twitching.
Because of the unique relationship between the plant kingdom and the central nervous system, flower essences, in a most efficient and dramatic manner, are able to reconnect the broken circuitry and rebalance the electrical overload along the spine. This, in turn, stops the weakening domino effect that ultimately leads to illness. If a person is too late in using the essences, and illness has already set in, the essences still reconnect and balance the circuitry and hold that balance while the body heals.