Soul Retrieval

From a shamanic point of view, soul loss is about power loss. There are two main kinds of power loss. One is where a person’s power animal has moved on, and a new one hasn’t arrived to replace it. The signs of missing power are chronic types of problems like illness, misfortune, and tiredness.

The second kind of missing power is more problematic. This is the missing soul, soul essence, vitality or life force. This can happen when a person experiences some kind of trauma or shock. A piece of essence splits off so that the person can survive the pain. In psychological terms this is called disassociation. This is a survival mechanism. The soul essence doesn’t typically come back on its own. It takes another person who is willing to intervene, track down the missing essence, and bring it back. Symptoms of soul loss are similar to power loss – dissociation, fragmentation, not present, immune deficiency problems, addictions, people who can not get over deaths or who have never been the same since . . . Soul loss may be caused by any kind of abuse, war time incidents, or natural disaster. How much pain a person experiences determines how much soul is lost.

The spirits diagnose which type of power loss a person has experienced. When someone comes to see me, the first session we get to know each other, and the spirits diagnose the problem, and tell me their solution. If they tell me I can do the work at the first session, then I do the work, and we are done. However, soul retrieval usually takes two more sessions. The second session is scheduled usually a week later, and the third session is usually scheduled for 24 hours after the second session. During the second session, we do the soul retrieval. This appointment may last from 1 and a half to three hours. When doing a soul retrieval, I bring back the lost soul essence, usually a power animal, and I do a soul remembering: reminding you of what you came in this life to do. You leave with a cassette tape of the session, and a drawing of a symbol for your soul remembering. During the third appointment, you will be lead in a guided visualization to meet your returned soul essence to ask what they brought back to you, and you will also meet your power animal.

If you would like more information about soul retrieval, Sandra Ingerman has written a very good book, and I follow her method. In fact, I was trained by her. The book is called Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self. And there is a second book, also written by Sandra, called Welcome Home. This book talks about life after a soul retrieval. Both books are packed with information, and may answer any questions you still might have.

And if you have questions for me about soul retrieval, or any other aspect of Shamanism, please contact me.

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