If you were to get a sliver in your finger, another way to look at it would be that your physical body had an intrusion. You would extract the sliver with a pair of tweezers, and that would be a physical extraction.

Just as your physical body can have an intrusion, your spiritual body may also take on an intrusion. Spiritual intrusions come into being from negative thought forms. If you send angry thought forms to someone else, if they have an “opening” or loss of power in their spirit body, it may manifest as an intrusion. You may also suffer an intrusion from not expressing yourself, and stuffing your emotions. There is a difference between expressing your anger, and sending your anger. The answer is not to “not feel” your emotions, but to transmute the energy, so you don’t do harm to yourself or anyone else.

If you experience localized pain or illness, you may have a spiritual intrusion. The Shaman does an extraction by pulling the misplaced energy from the person’s body, and putting it into water. Once neutralized in water, the energy is free to be relocate into the Universe, to be “recycled”.

The spirits diagnose if a person has a spiritual intrusion, and would benefit from an extraction. I would schedule an appointment where we get to know a little about each other, we talk about shamanism, and I do a diagnostic journey with my helping spirits. From the information I gain in this journey, we can make a plan of action. If the spirits say I can do the work during this first session, then I do the work and we are done. However, sometimes they say we need to wait a week or so, so then we schedule another appointment to do the work.

I want to share this experience with you. Five or six years ago, we had a fifteen year old family friend named Mark. He was an extremely good baseball player and on an elite competitive baseball team. One evening, his team was playing their main rival. Mark started the game behind the plate, catching. During his at bats, Mark blasted a number of good hits that scored quite a few runs. Half way through the game, he was moved from catcher to pitcher, and his pitches pretty much shut down the opposing team’s offense. In the seventh inning, Mark came to bat, and hit a double into left field. The second baseman took the throw, and tagged Mark. The tag came with such force that Mark had to leave the game with what later proved to be a dislocated shoulder. I watched that play (and Mark was safe, by the way), and the look on that second baseman’s face not only showed extreme intensity, but there was also a level of anger. As Mark was helped off the field, the second baseman appeared to be pleased with himself. (I am not trying to state here that this young man is evil or malevolent I am trying to make the point of how we use – or misuse – our emotions. In our society, we use anger as a motivator. I don’t think we are aware the damage that living that way does). After the game, Mark was taken to the local emergency room, and they popped his shoulder back into place. He was told to immobilize his shoulder for two weeks, and then he should be as good a new. He was told the pain would subside within the week. Two weeks later, he was still wincing when ever he accidentally moved the shoulder. He had been taken back to the doctor twice, and they could find nothing out of place. They told him that the shoulder appeared to be healing slower than they thought, and he would just have to take it easy until it did heal. So, I cautiously suggested that we try an extraction. Mark’s family was not familiar with Shamanism, and didn’t really know what I do. I explained about energetic intrusions, and told them that the second baseman had appeared (in my judgment) to be really angry during the game, and I wondered if there wasn’t some misplaced energy keeping Mark’s shoulder from fully going back into place. They were willing to try the extraction. The next afternoon I performed the extraction, with the help of my helping spirits. Later in the evening, I noticed that Mark was outside tossing a football with one of his brothers. I asked him about the pain in his shoulder. He had completely forgotten about the pain. It was gone. Within 48 hours he was back to throwing the baseball. Do I know for sure that the extraction healed this shoulder? No I do not. I find it an amazing coincidence that in less than four hours after the extraction was performed, the pain was gone, and this young man had been dealing with so much pain for the previous two weeks up to the extraction, that he had kept himself still – mainly planted on the couch watching TV. In the end, I am glad that Mark was back to normal, however he got there. If the spirit’s helped in this, then I am grateful that I was able to be part of the process.

And if you have questions about extractions, or any other aspect of Shamanism, please contact me.

I wish you well,


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