Divination as defined by the Random House Dictionary, is “the attempt to foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge by occult or supernatural means. Prophecy.” There is evidence that divination has been around as long as Shamanism has. The tarot cards, looking for signs from nature (omens), interpreting of dreams, and journeying are all forms of divination. The form of divination I use, is the interpretation of a set of objects, call “the bones”.

In the fall of 2005, I went to Africa to study with a traditional healer named P.H. (You can read about my travels by clicking here.) P.H. used the bones for everything. He would make a throw first thing in the morning, before he was even out of bed, to see what the day would bring. He would see how many people would be coming that day for treatment, if they were male for female, and what their ailments were. He would then throw the bones to diagnose with more detailed information once the patient arrived. The threw the bones to find out how to work with me, and on a daily basis what our lessons would be. Throwing the bones for P.H. was his main source of communication with his ancestors, his helping spirits.

Because journeying has been my main source of contact with my helping spirits, I don’t use the bones as extensively as P.H. does. However, I do use them in client sessions for divination. At first I was not very good with reading the bones. I struggled, because “I” thought I was doing something. With time, I have relaxed into the process, and the “I” in me disappears when I read the bones. My helping spirits do the work, and they whisper in my ear the reading, which I then tell my client. At first the bones appear to people as a novelty, and everyone wants a reading. I want to put up a word of caution here. The bones “see” all and “know” all. Anything that you are hiding from yourself will be revealed. I don’t quite no how this all works, but I no longer question the process. Time and time again, people have seen me throw the bones for someone else, and they ask for a reading, thinking it will be an entertaining thing to have done, only to have their stuff revealed as an answer to one of their questions. There is no hiding from the bones. They are incredibly accurate. If you are truly delving into yourself, and you want answers then this is may be the process for you. If you are looking for a source of entertainment, you may be better served to locate a fortune teller.

And if you have questions about divination, or any other aspect of Shamanism, please contact me.

I wish you well,


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