I sing and dance, and merge

Today is Friday.  I have been here for a week.  Dancing has been added to my daily routine.  I now dance in the afternoons.  I thought I was supposed to be learning traditional African dance, but it turns out what I am doing is letting the drums lift me out, and the ancestors in, basically like we sing and dance at our workshops. Once I understood this, life got a lot better. Every afternoon, I sing and dance, and merge with the ancestors. My merging is getting better, the  connection is getting stronger, but it is still not a full possession, which is the state the African Sangoma works from. Once I am merged, I channel until the connection is gone.  And then, I am very tired. Five ancestors have offered themselves during this session. The first one said they are a party of seven, so I guess we have two more to go. This life is getting easier. It may because where the new moon energies are, and it may be because I am getting into a routine that makes sense to me. I don’t know, but I am happy for the ease and grace. And one big additional benefit. PH noticed how stiff my knees are (both have had surgeries), and he has made a muti to work with them, and there has been a big improvement. By the time I leave, he says they should be as good as new, and they will stay that way. I am grateful for this.  I spend time kneeling every day, and it was painful. Today was a good day.Just a side note, today I had to drive PH somewhere about forty-five minutes away. On the way we passed through a game reserve. As we enter the area, there is a sign posted.  “Bicylists beware of the elephants and lions”  That one got my attention. I saw a monkey running down the side of the road. Looked so out of context. I was driving, and to see a monkey. And there were impalla (I know I spelled that one wrong). PH said the elephants and lions are kept farther back in the reserve, away from the road, but sometimes they get to the road.  I hope to be able to go into the reserve while I am here, now that I know that it is here.

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