What a journey it is!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to log in and update what is going on.  For starters, on the morning of July 26th, the day I was supposed to leave, I received a phone call saying the airlines were on strike and my flight was cancelled.  I was not able to get a flight to South Africa until August 4th.  I will now return on September 3rd.

Even with new flight arrangements, and re-confirming the reservation at least three times, I did not have a confirmed flight beyond Denver.  Once I got to Atlanta, I had to work with the airlines to get on board.  I could not find my luggage once I arrived in Johnasberg(sp).  In Johnasberg, I was told my flight to Manzini was a domestic flight, until I got to the counter in the domestic air terminal, where I was told it was an international flight- Swaziland is its own country within South Africa.

I had 30 minutes to get back to the international terminal, get through the ticket line, get through the passport line, and get to the gate.  It was so very close.  While I was waiting in line to get my passport checked, I realized that this line would take at least an hour, and a little voice inside me said to go through the diplomats line.  On a whim, I tried it.  The man said no, and as the tears fell, I turned around a walked two steps, when he changed his mind.  He checked my passport, I ran for the gate, and got there just as they were shutting the door. My luggage had been checked all the way to Manzini, as it was an international terminal.  In my mind I thought driving to the homestead was going to be the ordeal, yet as I was getting directions as I rented my car, a man heard where I was asking to go, and volunteered to lead me.  I followed him into town to the bank to exchange money, and then he led me to the road out of town.  From there, I drove straight to the homestead, althought it was on the wrong side of the road, and I am having to teach my left hand how to shift the gears.

So I arrived here on Friday afternoon, and today is Tuesday.  On Saturday, PH threw the bones to find out why I am here, and in the process, he asked me about my altar.  He asked me who lived in my altar, and where they lived in my altar.  I have had an altar for over 10 years, and I don’t believe that I have ever thought about who lived there, which particular Spirit.  PH laughed and said it was just a meeting place for who ever wandered in.  When I put up an altar, I do so with intent and purpose, but I have never asked a particular spirit to live there.  So, this is what I would put to you.

Who lives in your altar?  Where does that Spirit(s) live?  Do they like the things you have put there? or did you just put things there? are the objects their things?  Did the Spirit who lives in your altar pick the cloth, or did you?

This is all for now,


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