Shilo’s journey to Africa

Shilo has been called by the Ancestors. For the past two years she has been preparing to travel to Africa and study with PH, a traditional shaman called a sangoma. What does this mean? Gretchen, an American Sangoma shares: “A sangoma is an African traditional healer who merges with her ancestors for the purpose of healing. It is a spiritual calling, not a chosen profession.” I have been a sacred witness to these preparations on many levels and I am excited for her. Last month at Omega Shilo shared that she is in need of money to support her education with PH. Carol Tunney, Karen Murphy and I are here asking the shamanic community to help support Shilo’s education with PH-an African Sangoma and tribal elder. Shilo’s friend Gretchen shares her wisdom of what it means to be an American Sangoma:

In the past Westerners have referred to all traditional healers as “witchdoctors” but the sangomas of Swaziland and South Africa have worked hard to change this negative image. Witchdoctors are often purveyors of mutis and charms that cause harm to people.  A sangoma takes an oath that she may not cause harm to anyone.  The calling requires that the healer use her gifts only for good.  Sangomas believe that they are here for only one purpose, to heal through love and compassion.” I invite you to read more on Gretchen’s website.

Shilo leaves for Africa July 26th, 2005 to be on the land, the village and study with PH for four weeks. If you want to donate, Shilo’s address and an online Paypal link is located on the right hand side of this page. We thank you and Shilo thanks you. Looking forward to hearing her stories.

Blessings from,

Carol, Karen and Michele

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