Spirit of Earth Spirit of Water Spirit of Fire Spirit of Wind

The above pictures are of wall hangings that I have sewn and hand quilted. The original pattern for the "Earth Angels" was designed by Mary Jo Dalrymple and Paulette Peters and published in Mariner's Compass Quilts: New Quilts From on Old Favorite. (ISBN 0-89145-797-6). I altered the original pattern to depict the Nature Spirits of the four elements. Each wall hanging measures 20 inches by 23 inches. (The picture here of the Fire Spirit does not show the lower border of this wall hanging.) There are loops on the back of the panels so each one can be hung.

I began sewing when I was ten years old. Fabric is the medium I really created with first and the medium I most enjoy creating with today. My work is of exceptional quality. I have been blessed with a unique sense of color and texture that allows me to "capture" the very essence of each Nature Spirit. Each piece is sewn with the care of a true artist and hand quilted.

I sell the wall hangings, and they can be ordered as a set or individually. I will also create a hanging of other Nature Spirits upon request. Each wall hanging sells for $250.00, and takes approximately a month to create. For more information, or to place an order, please contact me.

Click on the panels above to view their splendor in greater detail!