Some of my favorite links . . .

The link to Sandra Ingerman's page is: Here you will find Sandra's current teaching schedule, and up to date information on her Medicine for the Earth and Transmutation work.

Here is a link to Sandra Ingerman's new site It includes an article on Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth. She wrote these articles for other people's websites and they are very simple and give an idea of the work.

The link to the list of Medicine for the Earth (MTFE) teachers and workshop list:  Here you will find a list of teachers, trained by Sandra Ingerman, located all over the United States, Canada, Central America, and Europe with a list of their current MFTE workshops.

The link to the list of Shamanic teachers and practioners is Here you will find a list of teachers trained by Sandra Ingerman, and what Sandra has authorized them to teach. At some point, there will also be a class schedule for the teachers. There is also a separate place on this website for a list of Shamanic practioners.

The link to Gretchen McKay's site is: Gretchen was trained shamanically in Africa, and does divination with bones the traditional way. She is also a wonderful herbalist and she works with numerology. Gretchen leads fun and energetic shamanic workshops: check for her current schedule.

The link to Perelandra is   Here you will find information about Perelandra and their Nature Research Center, along with different flower essences. There is also an on-line store.

Here is another site with different flower essences:    This is the Flower Essence Service and Society of Nevada City, California. They have a different set of flower essences than Perelandra, and they carry the original Bach essences.

I have found another site with flower essences and gemstone elixirs: